Economical Aerial Survey Solution

SHARE 102S Series
5 Lens Oblique Camera

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Multifunctional and cost-saving

Integrated oblique photography, orthophoto in one. Nadir-view lens can work separately for 2D mapping.
Save shutters and extend camera life.

Manpower-Saving With GCP Free

Indepent POS.

One operator could complete the whole process of field data acquisition and processing

Time-Saving With Simple Operation

Easy to install, Efficient operation. Deeply integrated with DJI industry applications.

Excellent 3D model restoration capability

Total 120MP, center meter level independence POS data,

be competent for cadastral survey, real estate integration, beautiful countryside and etc. Help people get realistic 3D models.

Master of Mapping Lens

Mapping special lens, transparent imaging clear reduction,

wide Angle view full coverage;  High overlap rate, full coverage.

Energy-Saving Payload

Aviation aluminum alloy CNC housing,

durable and light weight of 670g only, without any accessories.


Lightweight energy-saving payloadreduces the burden on the UAV flight platform,

and increase the efficiency of a single flight.

Visible information on built-in OLED screen

Iconic OLED screen in front of the housing, which displays RTK status and the number of images taken from each perspective in real-time. The working status of the camera is clear at a glance.

Nadir-view real-time image transmission

Monitor flight obstacles in real-time and reduce the risk of field data acquisition and flight.


The clear image transmission is matched with the height and position information of the Pilot, and the terrain reference is clear at a glance during the emergency landing.

Share Data Manager

Data copy, flight management, shutter status, camera setting and firmware upgrade, all can be completed via SDM. One software to process all datasets, including images and POS. Can be import directly to DJI Terra and Context Capture modeling software.


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深度适配大疆M300 RTK ,打通网络RTK通信链路,自动解算位置信息,免去像控点布控工作。


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