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SHARE 102S Pro V2

5-Lens Oblique Camera for Aerial Surveying


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Super Productivity

Inheriting excellent lens module and other hardware of PSDK 102S V3, SHARE 102S PRO V2 can transform technology and production experience into industry's productivity. 


New Data Collecting Efficiency

Thanks to the support of angle adjustment mechanism, the field efficiency is further improved, and the fastest flight speed can reach 15m/s , greatly improving the data collection efficiency in a single day.


More stable attitude

Users can choose 8 to 16 degrees equivalent angle to offset the attitude inclination of multi-rotor UAV during high-speed flight, so that the nadir view of the camera can always be vertical to the ground. 


 Shorter Shooting Interval

The shortest shooting interval can reach 0.6s/time which can meet the overlap rate requirement of data acquisition during high-speed flight .


High Precision , GCP Free 

Accurately reading POS information of the UAV at microsecond level , achieving 1:500 accuracy requirement and reaching GCP Free.


1080P HD Image Transmission

Dynamic bitstream image transmission technology can adjust the image transmission bandwidth according to the operation flight distance, ensuring the stability and clarity of image transmission. 


Standard 21P J30J Connector

One camera, multiple usage. The camera can be connected to VTOL UAV, helping users to do more projects.  


HD TFT Display 

The TFT display screen shows real time working status, including camera temperature, RTK status, triggering quantity, etc, even during strong light.


SHARE Data Manager, Your Aerial Data process expert.

Integrates data copy, sortie management, shutter inquiring, camera setting, firmware upgrade, reading field photos and POS data, and other operations in just one software.  
Deeply adapts to DJI Terra,Context Capture and other modeling software.







 Planning River


Intelligent Community

 Mining Area Measurement

  Smart Construction Sites

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