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Share 6100 series

61MP full-frame nadir aerial survey camera

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Details are clearly presented

Share 6100 series, the flagship of the professional orthographic aerial survey camera industry, all products are equipped with 61 million pixels full-frame   back-illuminated image sensor, ultra-high image quality presentation, clearer photos, richer details, terrain and landform are presented in the real scene.

Professional UAV Aerial Lens

Equipped with 40mm or 56mm professional surveying and mapping lens. During the data acquisition process, the lens has a uniform amount of light input, the image is sharp, the corners of the image are not distorted, and the true ratio is accurately restored.

3 Axis Gimbal

Share 6100 X-Port comes standard with an intelligent three-axis gimbal, which can swing stably from multiple angles during flight, integrated remote control, and easy setting of camera parameters. It can be applied to 2D aerial surveys and can also carry out 3D data acquisition.

Multiple mounting methods

The standard SkyPort interface is suitable for mainstream multi-rotor platforms such as DJI M300 RTK or VTOL platforms. The universal UAV plug-in interface, which can be adapted to a variety of UAV flight platforms without complicated modification.

Without GCPs used

Share uses the same continuous GCPs-free technology, deeply adapts to DJI M300 RTK, accurately records POS data, no GCPs needed, focuses on flying, and efficiently completes orthophoto data acquisition tasks, and improves working efficiency.

Dynamic and static capture

At the same time, Share 6100X-Port can also shoot aerial video, and supports up to 4K 30-frame video shooting. One camera integrates dynamic and static capture features, providing another possibility beyond aerial surveys.

Energy-Saving Payload

The fuselage material of all series models is made of CNC aviation aluminum alloy, with powerful performance, lightweight and energy-saving mounting, retains sufficient endurance power, and increases the flying area of a single flight.

Sufficient 256G data storage

The whole series is equipped with 256G storage capacity as standard, and the maximum storage capacity can be expanded to 512GB to meet the needs of multiple flights and large-area requirements.


All settings can be adjusted by DJI Pilot, real-time adjustment without landing. Mechanical keys on the body makes setting more convenience before flight.


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