Qingyan Ancient Town- High-precision 3D modeling project report

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Digital tourism is a tourism information service system based on the network environment. Its key technologies include broadband network and electronic technology, geographic information system, remote sensing, and multi-data integration technology of the national positioning system. With the development of 3D geographic information system, 3D virtual reality technology and computer hardware technology, 3D virtual tourism will be an important part of digital tourism. The virtual reproduction of the real scene, with a completely real three-dimensional effect, gives users the experience of traveling through the world without leaving home.

Qingyan ancient Town, one of the four ancient towns in Guizhou province, is located in the southern suburbs of Guiyang, Guizhou Province. It was built in 1378, the tenth year of Hongwu of Ming Dynasty, and used to be a military fortress. The ancient town is exquisitely designed and exquisitely crafted in the Ming and Qing dynasties. There are historical celebrities zhou Yuhuang and Zhao Yijiong, the number one scholar in the late Qing Dynasty (the first number one scholar in literature in Guizhou history). There are many historical relics in the town, such as qingyan Teaching case site, Zhao Zhuangyuan mansion, former residence of Mr. Ping Gang, red Army Long March operation headquarters and so on.

3D model is a fresh structure with "skin" and "skeleton", which provides a more scientific, efficient and intelligent means for each field of management work. The use of realistic and high-precision 3d model can serve the ecological protection of tourism resources, help improve the quality of cities, and serve the protection of historical and cultural resources. This technology can be the ground and underground, indoor and outdoor, water and underwater information of the 3D model integration, to carry out more intelligent, refined planning, design, construction, operation and management based on this

The 3D model of Qingyan Ancient Town not only provides technical reference for the subsequent 3D construction of real city, but also plays a multi-model effect for the subsequent planning, protection and publicity of Qingyan Ancient Town itself..

   Equipments used for the project

DJI Matrice 300 RTK+Share 303S Pro


03  Standard specification

《1:500、1:1000、1:2000 Specification for aerial photography of scale topographic maps 》(GB/T6962-2005);

《1:500、1:1000、1:2000 Field specification for aerial photogrammetry of scale topographic maps》(GB/T7931-2008);

《Inspection and acceptance regulations and quality assessment of digital surveying and mapping products 》(GB/T18316-2008);

《Field specification for low altitude digital aerial photogrammetry》(CH/Z3004-2010);

《Code of Practice for Low altitude Digital Aerial Photogrammetry》(CH/Z3003-201090);

《Basic geographic information digital achievements 1:500、1:1000、1:2000 Digital oblique image》(CH/T9008.3-2010);

《Quality requirements for digital surveying and mapping results》(GB/T17941-2008);

04  Technical achievement and specification


1.   Data acquisition

Before the operation, we need to collect relevant information of Qingyan ancient Town, understand its historical background, geographical environment, social factors and relevant conditions of key operation areas, and conduct site reconnaissance and airspace application.

2.   Survey area analysis and route planning

The total area of the aerial surveying area is about 1 square kilometer. After the field personnel arrive at the area with equipment, the route will be arranged in line with the direction of the area according to the weather conditions, obstacles and interference facilities of the test area. In order to ensure 3D imaging of boundary objects, the flight plan can be implemented only when the route coverage exceeds 100 meters of the boundary line of the aerial surveying area.

3. Data acquisition

Flight data: we selected the photography time in the working day with less passenger flow, and the data is collected with a resolution better than 1.5cm according to the project requirements. The operation was carried out with SHARE 303S Pro, the flight altitude was set at 120 meters, 2 batteries were used, the total time was about 30 minutes, and 14500 photos were collected

Processing of 3D model data using 30 computers cluster processing, it took 30 hours totally for processing data, and the model and orthographic image with a resolution of 1.5cm were obtained.


Partial results display diagram

4  Data application


Electronic Tours and route navigation


Population statistics


Sightseeing helicopter landing point

05  Project summary

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has inspected the development of informatization applications on many occasions and stressed the need to speed up the building of digital China. The report to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China explicitly proposed building a digital China to better serve China's economic and social development and improve people's lives. 3D China construction is an important measure to implement the strategy of digital China, Safe China, and the digital economy. It is also the specific deployment of new national infrastructure construction and the basic support to serve the construction of ecological civilization and economic and social development.

"Handheld Ancient Town" project is mainly used for tourism promotion, based on integrated Internet communication technology, through the integration of information technology and tourism services, tourism management, tourism marketing, to strengthen tourist experience, improve the operation of the scenic spot.



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